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The Aventis Foundation supports two projects of the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) as part of its cultural initiative eXperimente, presented during this year’s festival as part of the concert format »Carte Blanche«. The Foundation created the cultural initiative eXperimente on the occasion of its ten-year anniversary in 2006, in order to support cultural projects in the Rhine-Main area. These include measures supporting young artists in the areas of music, the visual arts and literature, as well as initiatives which introduce children and teenagers to cultural issues. Thus far, 54 projects have been supported with a total of approximately 2.3 million Euro as part of this series. The Aventis Foundation is an independent, charitable foundation headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. It serves to foster the arts and culture as well as science, research and education. It was founded in 1996 as the Hoechst Foundation and has an endowment of 50 million Euro. In 2000, it was renamed and has been operating as the Aventis Foundation ever since.