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Four Filmmakers – Four Composers – Four World Premieres
In cooperation with the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

Christopher Trapani (Musik) & Leonel Dietsche (Film): Difficult Places
Martin Grütter (Musik) & Irina Rubina (Film):
Machtspiel – eine Inszenierung von Irina Rubina mit der Musik „Schakal“ von Martin Grütter
Jeehoon Seo (Musik) & Levin Peter (Film):
Diego Ramos Rodriguez (Musik) & Timm Kröger (Film):
Das Jech

Ensemble Modern, Johannes Kalitzke (director)

Congress Park Hanau

The four young filmmakers from the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg and four composers from the 7th International Composition Seminar of the International Ensemble Modern Academy have made the most of their quadruple »carte blanche«. Four new music films are currently being shot on location in New York, Morocco, Sicily and Hungary, and in a studio of the Film Academy. The themes chosen by the teams of authors are as surprising and original as the corresponding music is diverse: a search for traces in Tangier is accompanied by witty, idiosyncratic rhythms, darkness is sliced by sharp, ragged ensemble attacks, jazzy brass passages undercut stylized displays of power, hermetic chamber music is juxtaposed with stoic window-gazing. The force joining all this together is Ensemble Modern, which performs the world premieres accompanying the elaborate film productions under the baton of Johannes Kalitzke. The scenery, made up of multi-projections on the highest technical level, ingenious stage sets and choreographed light-spaces transforms the Paul Hindemith Hall at the Congress Park Hanau into a movie theatre.

The International Composition Seminar of the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) was initiated in 2004 by the Allianz Cultural Foundation and remains unique in its kind throughout the world. Adhering to a multi-level concept, young composers are given the chance to develop a new work with members of Ensemble Modern in a professional and international context, revisiting the work over the course of two years.

Enabled by the Allianz Cultural Foundation.


Tickets: 19,- € (free seating)

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