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Fred Frith - TATATA

Fred Frith - TATATA
Fred Frith (guitar), Heike Liss (video), Lotte Anker (alto and tenor saxophone), Susana Santos Silva (trumpet), Okkyung Lee (Cello), Christine Wodraszka (piano), Musicians of the hr-Bigband

Staatstheater Darmstadt, Kleines Haus

Despite his great store of musical experience, Fred Frith has maintained his curiosity and his almost childish playfulness to this day. The musical cosmos of the British multi-instrumentalist ranges from his own bands to collaborations with jazz musicians such as John Zorn and Louis Sclavis to works for Ensemble Modern. Especially for cresc... 2015 he has brought together some instrumentalists of his choice with musicians of the hr Big Band. Together, they do what they do best: they improvise. Fred Frith’s job is to give structure to these improvisations and act as a catalyst; video artist Heike Liss contributes moving images.


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combined ticket Darmstadt: 46,50 (red. 50%)

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