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Die Wunderuhr - der Zauberwald

(›The Magical Clock – The Magic Forest‹)

Ladislas Starewitch: Die Wunderuhr – der Zauberwald (F, 1928) animated movie with live music of Paul Dessau

IEMA-Ensemble 2014/15 (Internationale Ensemble Modern Academy), Pablo Druker (director)

Caligari FilmBühne

The animated puppet film ›The Magical Clock – The Magic Forest‹ (France, 1928) by Ladislas Starevich will be revived in a live film concert with the IEMA Ensemble. It narrates the fairytale of the watchmaker Bombastus, whose magical clock is peopled by small mechanical figures. These come to life at midnight, invitinging his granddaughter Yolande into a magical world where she falls head-over-heels in love with the White Knight and experiences of all kinds of adventures. Starevich’s fantastic film world, which combines elements of animated and real film, gains an additional dynamic element through Paul Dessau’s cheeky, illustrative music.


With kind support from ›eXperimente‹ – a cultural initiative of the Aventis Foundation.

A live film concert especially for students in grades 1-5


10,- (red. 5,-)

festival pass: 130,- (red. 70,-)

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