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"1O". A Film Poem

"10". A Film Poem by Telemach Wiesinger with music by Cornelius Schwehr
IEMA-Ensemble 2014/15 (Internationale Ensemble Modern Academy), Lucas Vis (director)

Caligari FilmBühne

The photographer and avant-garde filmmaker Telemach Wiesinger from Freiburg travelled the nine twin towns of Freiburg with his 16mm camera, combining the resulting black-and-white film images with pictures of his hometown and the Black Forest. Special analogous montage techniques and multiple exposures allow buildings, streetscapes or journeys by bus, sleigh or trolley to run together, illustrating the similarities of cities. Conscious viewing and the constant reflection of one’s own perception are also central to the composer Cornelius Schwehr, whose music creates an intriguing interplay with the visual action.

With the kind support of „eXperimente" – a cultural initiative of Aventis Foundation.


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