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String Quartets by Helmut Lachenmann

Helmut Lachenmann: No. 1 Gran Torso (1971/1976/1988)

Helmut Lachenmann: No. 2 Reigen seliger Geister (1989)

Helmut Lachenmann: No. 3 Grido (2001)

Arditti-Quartet, Daphnis Quartet

Holzhausenschlösschen, Grunelius-Saal

The title of Helmut Lachenmann’s third string quartet, ›Grido‹ (2002), is closely connected to the Arditti Quartet: dedicated to the »musicians and friends of the Arditti Quartet«, the name is a composite of the initials of the first names of the quartet at the time: Graeme Jenkins, Rohan de Saram, Irvine Arditti and Dov Scheindlin. Lachenmann explored the boundaries of the string quartet three times, offering opportunities to rediscover this genre weighed down by tradition: dealing sensitively and sensuously with the phenomenon of sound, he explores profound spiritual dimensions while striking a balance between traditional and noise-like, experimental concepts of sound.

In cooperation with Grunelius Concerts  - ›quartetaffairs‹ of the Frankfurter Bürgerstiftung.


Category I: 50,70 (red. 40,56)
Category II: 39,70 (red. 31,76)
Category III: 28,70 (red. 22,96)

Category IV: 17,70 (red. 14,16)

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