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Friedrich Cerha: ›1. Keintate‹

for medium voice (chansonnier) and instruments, setting poems and Viennese sayings by Ernst Kein, with slides based on photographs by Franz Hubmann (1980/82)
Ensemble Modern, HK Gruber (chansonnier and director)

Staatstheater Wiesbaden, Großes Haus

The title ›Keintate‹ is Friedrich Cerha’s verbal amalgamation of the genre term ›Kantate‹ (cantata) and the name of his friend, the Viennese dialect poet Ernst Kein. The short texts set here are taken from Kein’s volumes ›Wiener Panoptikum‹ and ›Wiener Grottenbahn‹, which – in conjunction with images by the photographer Franz Hubmann – provide a meaningful staging of the ›Viennese soul‹, upon which they comment and also reveal truths beyond all clichés: unexpected closing lines open vistas into the abysses of society. Cerha’s music is also full of irony and ambiguity, playing with models of Viennese folk music in a virtuosic style and dismantling the illusion of an ideal world time after time.


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